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One of the roles of a human resources company is also performing as an intermediary from the beginning of the process, who recognises the right candidates for specific employers.

If you are searching for new employment, please check the available working positions currently available or submit your CV. We will contact you when we locate a working position for your candidacy.

We collaborate with over 60 employers in the Slovenian regions on 210 locations in Slovenia and abroad. We are active in all sectors as employment mediators or employers, and mostly in the following:

  • automotive, technical, food processing industry,
  • trade,
  • foundries,
  • logistics, transport and warehousing,
  • ecology and public utilities,
  • IT,
  • sales and marketing,
  • pharmacy and chemistry,
  • hospitality and tourism,
  • management personnel in all the sectors.

Check available working positions currently available. If there is no working position of your interest, sign in our database and we will contact you when we detect the right opportunity for your career advancement.




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