If You Are Employed by Us

The new forms of collaboration technology have greatly influenced the course of changing the methods of employment. The employment forms using an agency guarantee you with same rights as employees of the company have.

Good knowledge of Your Employer

The Kariera professional is familiar with working position requirements and labour conditions. We collaborate with over 60 prominent and largest employers on over 70 different locations.

You Are Fully Employed During Your Employment Using Kariera

You are employed full-time, part-time or reduced-time (according to your employment contract) and receive appropriate and regular salary. You receive the same amount of pay as those employed with the client directly at the same working position.

You Have Same Rights

You have health, pension and disability insurance and insurance against unemployment. You have the right to a regular annual leave and annual recourse.

Your Human Resources Officer Is Available at All Times

During your employment at the Kariera, you are assigned a human resources officer, who manages your employment and your contractual rights.

Enables Access to First Employment

Numerous companies try to adapt to the changes on the labour market and new generations, which are more connected and more inclined to open communication and mobility. 35 % of agency’s employees in Europe are under the age of 25. In most cases, the agency employment is their first opportunity for work experience and entering the labour market.

Long-Term Collaboration Enables Employment Directly With Company

Many companies decide to employ a person directly after a certain period of agency employment.




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    guided terminations of employment relationships


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