Kariera Professional

Finding the perfect employment position or perfect staff members is a complex process. The Kariera Professional is focused on recognising right candidates for the right working positions. It is a multi-layered process, which must understand the employer’s needs and recognise the key advantages of the candidates.

Individual Approach

The process of needing personnel begins with the employer. The Kariera Professional focuses on understanding the employer and their needs, which are successfully transferred to the description of the employment position, offering right information to the potential candidates and a better coordination of suitable candidates for the working position. 

Widest Network of Companies in Slovenia

We have established a wide network of partner companies in Slovenia with our quality work and many years of guaranteeing premium personnel requirements, making us one of the first to be aware of need for new employees on key working positions. 

Highly Responsive

We understand the need for professional personnel and companies, and our priorities are quick transfer of wishes and skills on both sides, a quick definition of a company and a quick contact of the most suitable candidates. 

Personal Contact with Recruiter

The recruiter is in constant personal contact with the candidate during the process of searching and selecting for any form of questions regarding the employment process. 




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