Personnel Rent

Unstable conditions of the market, changes within the industries, adapting to the increased or reduced manufacturing needs and a longer period of absence of full-time employees are the most common features, which lead to a guaranteed lease of a work force from the employees of the Kariera.

We manage the entire process of searching, selecting and implementing the right candidates and employ them in our agency according to your needs. We manage any of the following human resources services for you during the employment:

  • management of employment documentation,
  • management and referral to the medical examination,
  • management of the entire employment relationship and renewal,
  • management of absence and sick leaves,
  • management of periodical medical examinations,
  • monitoring of testing periods,
  • management of termination of employment contracts,
  • preparation of data for salaries and attendance checks,
  • preparation of data and recourse, Christmas bonus and awards,
  • analyses and client reports,
  • we are available to the employees at all times.

Our clients are provided with the service of employee lease, who are employed at the Kariera company and are predefined according to their individual needs. Contact us for a meeting in person!




    employment processes per year


    tests conducted per year


    selection procedures per year


    guided terminations of employment relationships


    locations in Slovenia and abroad