Professionals of Employment Market

The Kariera Group was established in 2005 and has become one of the largest human resources companies in Slovenia. Each year, we manage more than 10,000 selection processes and assist more than 1,000 candidates to obtain their employment.

For 12 years we have been a part of creating successful stories of employers and employees, who entrust their career ambitions to our professionals.

We collaborate with the largest Slovenian companies and have a daily access to the database of over 150,000 candidates. The intensity and the extent of work places us at the top of the companies from the perspective of management of new employments.

There are 2500 employees currently employed at Kariera, on over 70 projects in Slovenia, in 11 industries. We use the most advanced CRM and ERP programmes of project management and, if requested, we organise on-site business unites at the client’s location.

  • We guarantee key information in the employment procedure.
  • You acquire quality employees considering the ‘soon-as-possible’ system in the entire Slovenia.
  • We consider the needs of an organisation and implement the coordinated selection processes and evaluation procedures.
  • Two/way, clear and quick communication with the clients and candidates.
  • Innovative suggestions for solving human resources challenges based on experience with various clients.
  • Quality work and appropriate relationship with employees during the entire employment period.
  • Recognising advantages and unique characteristics of the candidates.
  • Professional presentation of the selected candidates to the clients.

Collaboration with Kariera enables you an access to various information from the field of labour market and employment opportunities. Our objective and comprehensive review regarding our work enables us to know and recognise roles, persons, opportunities and talents. The Kariera expert recognises the requests of the working position and the needs of the company.




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