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7 out of 10 employees are open for a new employment opportunity. Good candidates have 2 to 3 offers for another employment. 51 percent of candidates would consider changing their employment, despite being currently satisfied in their position. 47 percent of candidates has declined an offered position and accepted another due to the slow selection process.

Acquire access to the best candidates, save time and reduce the risk when employing new colleagues. The Kariera Professional is focused on acquiring the candidates with a higher education, competitive experience and ambitions. Get the right people with the highest added value for your company.

Our Solutions

  • Searching and selecting competitive candidates.
  • Searching and selecting professional candidates.
  • Head-hunting of key candidates.
  • Tests:
    • psychological tests,
    • language tests,
    • evaluation centres.
  • Counselling services from the beginning of the personnel search to the employment of the selected candidate.
  • Outplacement programmes.

Trust-Building Quality

We establish successful long-term relationships with satisfied clients, which are based on guaranteeing quality services in the process of searching and personnel selection. 

  • Highly responsive.
  • Individual approach.
  • Structured and semi-structured interviews.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • discretion.
  • selection procedure report.

We constantly build trust in the wide network of formal and informal relationships. We constantly look for the best, most motivated and most talented candidates. We always recognise key needs of our employers and transfer them in the criteria for the most suitable candidates.

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